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Dear ISE members and colleagues,

ISEVN FORUMS was set up by a group of alumnus of Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE) to bring essentially useful information to social. Department of Industrial Systems Engineering (ISE)  - Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, was established in 1999. Up to now, thousands of alumnus have graduated, worked in many places and held many important positions in their company.

In the context of the nowadays with the market economy, there is no forum with utility facilities to connect the ISE family together easily to share experiences and career opportunities.

Meeting the needs and creating the best environment for ISER to exchange and learn experiences throughout the actual working process, we include 7 members that have established ISE Vietnam forum with the sponsorship of COYOSU Vietnam Joint Stock Company for Edu-ERP source code. Edu-ERP source code is based on Industry 4.0 (Big Data) and runs on ERP II basis, so it integrates many better forum management features.

About the service, there are 2 forms: free and paid

            - Free: Some forums and news for users to discuss and share experiences for free.

            - Paid: e-Learning, e-Library, Special subject and some forums with charge.

The forum's management board currently has 11 people with many years of practical experience with the field of ISE and is very enthusiastic about the industry. With the scientific organization and management of the forum, we bring many benefits for users also help them to avoid irrelevant content or interference information, etc.

We hope this forum is so helpful for you to share experiences and find new career opportunities. Thereby, you also contribute to build a large ISE family and play an increasingly important role in our businesses and company!


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ISE Vietnam Forums Project Team.